Linen Shirt – Pink Nonno Angelo collar


The Cervia model is an idea and an interpretation of our own, with the aim of complying the desires of a man who is careful to details; ideal for his leisure time and his travels, especially to holiday resorts.

The Cervia sample, present in our archives ever since, is very sought after for its special feature: the “double use”.

The shirt is rigorously cut with scissors and assembled in some cases by old models of Singer machines.

Every stitching is made with maniacal attention and mastery.

After the ironing by hand, with a classic iron, the shirt is fold and enriched by a touch of eau de toilette “Acqua di Ginosa”.

Expert hands take care of some rare details, such as…

  • the “orlino” (little hem) at the bottom of the shirt, sewn with the foulard point;
  • the “portastecche”, hand-topstitched;
  • the collar, the wrists and the sides;
  • the embellished buttonholes, that get the shape of those of the jacket.

The passages by hand facilitate the flexibility of the stitching of the sleeves, that gives the shirt an enhanced aplomb thanks to the balanced slowness.

The collar is cut and sewn in a one-piece that, thanks to a singular technique, gives more volume to the revers-collar, if unbuttoned and a perfect aplomb in a suit.

The shirt is recommended in the sports daytime version for boat rides but is also ideal for soirées with the buttoned collar and a tie.

The Cervia collar of the shirt, per manual and for reasons of wearability, is composed of a list and of a veil, with a cut and a distinct overture as in the typical “Milanese” style.

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