Gianni Agnelli Polo in Loropiana Cashmere


Fabric: pure Loropiana cashmere. The research fell on one of the best cashmere jersey fabrics. That of the renowned Loropiana weaving mill. Designed to guarantee the most pleasant sensation in wearing it, and to live it as a wonderful experience in wearing a hand-made and sewn garment.
Polo Gianni Agnelli, one of my iconic and very representative models of a truly sartorial garment.
Created for the lawyer Gianni Agnelli, an icon of style of international resonance.
Worked entirely by hand from the cut to the finishing touches, the identification is the hand re-stitching of the plate on the chest which closes with 3 hand-embroidered buttonholes. Hand-sewn stitching of the neck, armhole and buttons with “lily stitch”.
Last touch, a splash of Acqua di Ginosa. Our exclusive perfume, to transport you a little with the imagination, in our territory.

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