Pochette in Printed Voile Drawing Topographic Map of Ginosa Antica


This pochette, with crochet hem, is handmade.
The pocket handkerchief, which can be in cotton, linen or silk, is a primary element of male and female elegance.

In artistic iconography, the handkerchief was born as a “status symbol” and must be capable of stealing the show from any dress: it can be of various sizes, embellished with lace and embroidery, or simply hemmed: its finish is a symbol of style, discretion but also vanity and self-centeredness.

An accessory that has always aroused emotions: in some cases, a symbol of belonging to social classes, clubs and circles.

The use of the handkerchief in our tailoring has always been presented as indispensable, not only for hygienic reasons but for the prestige of owning it.

In the G. Inglese line, the pochette is the protagonist in numerous versions, embroidered with different variations of crochet stitch, a valiant local tradition, and embellished with embroideries that recall the typical symbols of Ginosa and Puglia.

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