Pochette in blue cotton squared

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The pocket square, made from cotton, linen or silk, is an essential element for the male and female elegance.

In the fashion iconography, the pocket square was a “status symbol” and could steal the scene to any piece of clothing.

The pocket square can be of different dimensions and can be embellished by embroideries or simply hemmed: his refinement is a sign of style and discretion but also vanity and egocentrism.

An accessory which has always evoked emotions; also as a sympol of membership to social class, clubs and associations.

The use of pocket square, in our tailor’s shop, has always been presented as essential, not only for sanitary reasons but for the prestige of owning it.

In the G. Inglese collection, the pochette is protagonist in many versions, embellished with several variations of crochet point, as in our virtuous local tradition, and with typical symbols of Ginosa and Puglia.


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Additional Information

Pochette in cotton Blue squared

Punto Cavallino, Punto Quadro

Pochette Embroidery

“None, Apple Green and White crocheted, Army Green and White crocheted, Beige and Brown embroidered, Beige e Bianco crocheted, Blue and Beige embroidered, Blue and White crocheted, Blue Maiolica 1, Brown Maiolica 1, Grey and White crocheted, Night Blue and White crocheted, Red and Brown embroidered, Red and White crocheted, Rope Beige and White crocheted, Tiffany and Beige, Tiffany and White crocheted, White and Blue embroidered, Yellow and White crocheted