Bracelet Unicolor Army Green


100% handcrafted, with a real mother-of-pearl button.

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Product Description

The bracelet G.Inglese was born with the idea of decorating the “piccanello” (the lace at the backside of the collar in the sports shirts) with a trilogy of boutonnières.

Very quickly, it has become an accessory that stands out with style and elegance, at a man’s wrist as well as at a graceful lady’s.

The bracelet, which is produced in many combinations, has been presented at events and special collections; first among everything is the one inspired by the typical colours of any Angelo’s day: the blue sky, the green of the pastures and the white tuff, the main rock in our old town centre.

All our bracelets are crocheted, a method in which it is clear our passion but also our mission: to give value to the richness of our cultural heritage, to reconsider an ancient craft and to return dignity to a humble profession which was a resource for the whole family.

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