Pacchero UNO.61 into shirt Heavenly striped


“Elegance is concentrated in the shirt,” said Oscar Wilde.
A “shirt” for a noble food: the PASTA.

The best Italian durum wheat, careful hand work, gold drawing and long-term drying at low temperatures are the secrets of this pasta.
Produced with a selection of Altamura durum wheat, high protein value and a low glycemic index thanks to the type of semolina used and the processing method, a paste that is synonymous with passion, care and quality.

“SARTORIA, DESIGN e FOOD” a project that delights the world with a beautiful 100% Italian story.
The shirt-bags, are also made with scraps of fabrics, fully marrying the cause of RECOVERY and SUSTAINABILITY. According to the tradition of our tailoring, they are sewn entirely by hand and closed with buttons in pure corozo, with the intent to give beauty even to the “good”.

For the aforementioned reasons, the article packed in this fantasy is a unique piece.

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Product Description

  • 100% MADE IN ITALY
  • Gold-extruded
  • High digestibility
  • Slow drying at low temperature
  • Low Glycemic Index

14 minutes cooking time

♦ Nutritional Table and more Info

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Additional Information

Pasta Type



500 gr / 17.64 oz