Iconic garments made by traditional methods

In the heart of Puglia, since 1955

This unique piece is masterfully finished with 25 passages by hand and a silk thread. Every stitching is made with maniacal attention and mastery. The shirt is rigorously cut with scissors and assembled in some cases by old models of Singer machines.

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The polo-shirt is the item of clothing used by “the Lawyer” Gianni Agnelli during his walks in Capri. Retrieved in our family archives, we awarded a contemporary line to it. As in the Fifties, the shirt is hand-stitched with a silk thread.

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Iconic item of clothing, traditional, revised and contemporary in its wearability.

A vintage interpretation of the same model is present in several movies, worn by celebrities of the day.

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According to the principles of our tailor shop, a jacket must lean lightly on the body in a soft manner whilst still maintaining a “clean” linear silhouette. To achieve this goal traditional processing is required

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An authentic high-tailoring garment born from the idea of proposing and interpreting in a contemporary key what our tradition and our territory has handed down to us.

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A special range of professional garments made according to craft traditions.

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Trilogy Bracelets

Handmade with crochet method, it has become  very quickly an accessory that stands out with style and elegance, at a man’s wrist as well as at a graceful lady’s.

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Handmade sartorial accessories

artifacts now appreciated and loved in every corner of the world


Make your handmade garment unique

Acqua di Ginosa

evokes the Mediterranean atmosphere

Sartorial tutorials

The tailor's advice ...

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